Frequently Asked Questions

The anchors that came with my shelf/brackets aren't working. Am I doing something wrong?

Dolle shelves are designed and engineered in Germany and many of our shelf mounting hardware and bracket hardware are designed for being mounted onto or screwed into solid materials such as plaster, concrete or wood. If you would like to mount our shelves or shelf brackets into drywall, you may need to purchase anchors specifically for drywall installation.

Drywall Installation Note:

The sleek and heavy-duty European structure of the Big Boy shelf is weight rated and designed to be mounted into solid walls made of wood, concrete or plaster. If you intend to mount your Big Boy Shelf into drywall – you will need to use DRYWALL ANCHORS to retain some sturdiness of the shelf.  

One Drywall Anchor Example: BUILDEX EZ ANCOR® – ½” Drywall Twist-N-Lock™ 75lb Anchor. This anchor can be found at a variety of home center stores.

Do you have customizable shelves?

We do not offer customized shelves on All shelves on our website are listed as such and we do not offer the option to customize any shelves to certain specifications.