Dolle CLIC Cube Shelf - White - 15 x 15 x 13
Dolle CLIC Cube Shelf - White - 15 x 15 x 13

Dolle CLIC Cube Shelf - White - 15 x 15 x 13

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Finally, a piece of furniture that is as diverse as life itself! The Dolle CLIC cube shelf is easily installed without tools (really!) and adds a modern touch to almost any décor! Whether this cube shelf is used as a wall shelf or integrated as a bedside table or coffee table in your home - the CLIC shelf cubes offer storage space above the shelf or inside the shelf for your books, binders, beautiful photographs and any other items or mementos in your everyday life. The CLIC cube shelves make a unique statement and modern storage solution when stacked on top of one another. Choose from a variety of beautiful colors including a timeless and modern white to fit with nearly any décor in your home or office! Colors available: White, Red, Teal, Wood, Yellow

Easy assembly – no tools required!

Thanks to the innovative click system from Dolle Shelves, the CLIC shelf cubes are easy and quick to build and require no tools for assembly. Simply hook side boards into the grooved top and bottom pieces, bend side pieces at a 45 ° angle and tilt into position - it makes a CLIC sound and your new cube is assembled!

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